Brian Ecker
Annapolis, MD


Professional software architect and engineer with over 10 years experience designing and building highly scalable services and applications to support top-20 websites. Sole designer and author of many comprehensive systems including an entire advertising infrastructure, subscription payments system, and metrics / data-warehouse infrastructure.

Software Development Experience

Languages and Platforms

  • Go, C, C++, Perl, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Objective C, Java, Erlang
  • Linux/Unix/BSD/POSIX, X11, macOS, iOS Platforms
  • Makefile, Maven, NPM, Git, Subversion, Hudson/Jenkins, Pulse, Selenium

Applications and Services

  • OOP, MultiProc/Parallel, Pthreads, Sockets and Embedded Systems
  • HTTP REST (JSON/XML/ATOM) SOA environments
  • Map/Reduce, Hadoop Streaming, Solr/Lucene
  • GDB, GProf/DProf, Valgrind debugging, profiling and optimization tools
  • GUI (Cocoa Touch, GTK, QT, XClass) and CLI (ANSI, Curses) UI Design
  • Video Encoding, Transcoding, Podcasting and Streaming, FLV/H.264/MP4

Web Development

  • MVC, Zend, FuelPHP, Mod_perl, Mod_cgi, Mason, Rails, Flask, Node.js
  • jQuery/AJAX/COMET, React/Flux, HTML5, ECMAScript 7, CSS3, Gulp
  • WebSockets, localStorage, postMessage web application design
  • I18N design with ICU, Gettext, UTF-8/Unicode NLS internationalization
  • Apache, Nginx, Lighttpd, Jetty, SSL config/deploy


  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Berkley DB, Redis, CDB, DBI, SQLAlchemy
  • Replication, Distribution and Memcache Protection
  • 3NF design, index performance, scalable tables, query optimization

Open Source Projects

Hoopty (

  • Created an AJAX-like JavaScript (JSON) retrieval library

SimpleXML (

  • Created a lightweight, tree based XML parser/generator library

Employment Experience

San Francisco, CA

Senior Staff Engineer

Feb 2020-Present
  • Led TCFv2 reorganization and development
  • Built Pixel Assistant that embeds dashboard controls in customer websites

Staff Engineer

Aug 2017-Feb 2020
  • Designed and built realtime data collection healthcheck service
  • Led GDPR compliance technical architecture & development
  • Arch & eng service to monitor Javascript module integrity
  • Developed lightweight "experiments" service to deploy tests across precisely defined, large-scale website groups

Senior Software Engineer, Full Stack

May 2015-Aug 2017
  • Worked with small incubator team to build / launch SendRoll
    • Built React / Flux based dashboard and created shared / reusable components for larger org
    • Wrote API service in Erlang to handle 3rd party shopping data
    • Architected subscription system for flexible billing model

Mode Media
Brisbane, CA

Senior Software Architect

Apr 2014-May 2015
  • Led the architecture and engineering for next generation of Mode O&O web applications
  • Built a personalized newsfeed from friends' network activity powering the homepage
  • Improved content object storage from SQL to flexible schema Redis based
  • Profiled codebase, improved site wide runtime performance by 50%, lowered execution cost by 80%
  • Coordinated with Infrastructure, Mobile and Legacy Application Architects on engineering designs

Software Engineer

May 2012-Apr 2014
  • Rebuilt website to make content discovery, social networking and user engagement primary features
  • Bookmarklet: Wrote cross-browser extension using Natural Language Processing to normalize and collect recipes from websites
  • Maps: Created restaurant search map using GeoIP and GPS data to show social network activity of restaurants in Google Maps presentation
  • Metrics: Integrated analytics and behavioral metrics tracking

Ning, Inc.
Palo Alto, CA

Applications Development:
Software Engineer

Jul 2009-May 2012
  • Paid Access: Developed system allowing website owners to create/manage subscription paywalls to some or all parts of their website
  • Followers: Extended existing Network-Friend system to support asymmetrical Twitter-like "Following" relationships
  • Foreign Currency: Added support for non-USD currencies, GeoIP detection, custom pricing, localized formatting
  • iBazel: Converted entire social networking platform from single application freemium model to three distinct products in 7 weeks
Seattle, WA

The Internet Movie Database (
Software Development Engineer

Sep 2001-Jul 2009
  • Sole designer and developer of several comprehensive systems:
    • Subscription/Billing/Account Management System: Real-time service; administrative, reporting and analysis tools
    • Advertising: CRM, trafficking/delivery reporting system, and self-service extranet
    • Metrics: Archival collection/storing/reporting system for billions of records
    • Help desk: Multi-site, message board style, SQL-based system
  • Author of the MOVIEmeterTM and STARmeterTM algorithms

Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA

Applied Research Lab:
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Jun 2000-Aug 2000

College of Health and Human Development:
Independent Contractor

Feb 2000-Apr 2001

Lockheed Martin
Gaithersburg, MD

Enterprise Information Systems:
Software Engineer

Jun 1999-Jan 2000


Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA

Bachelor of Science: Electrical Engineering

  • Focus on Computer and Communication Systems


Available upon request.